Sweater/Jumper/Coat/Fleece for Greyhounds, Lurchers & Whippets, Camo-Knit Design by Greyt Sweaters.


Shipping to United States: $21.67

Treat your Greyhound, Lurcher or Whippet to our new design Camo-Knit jacket. This is a truly unique sweater/coat which combines both knitted and jersey fabrics for the outer, also fully lined with soft fleece to give a really warm and cosy feel, with the look and style of a knitted sweater.

Not waterproof, this stylish & practical jacket is designed for dry day walking, and as a housecoat for indoor wear. They are surprisingly light in weight, the fabrics hug the body and are extra comfy to wear. These Camo-Knits are absolutely gorgeous and are bound to grab attention and turn heads wherever they are seen.

Harness opening between the shoulders.
Knitted trim, front of chest and long ribbed collar which can be worn full length like a snood or rolled down.

Adjustable velcro belt with our instantly recognisable Greyt Sweaters Hound BTQE logo badge displayed proudly.

Soft, warm, stunning & stylish, perfect hind coverage & shaped to fit down over the back end.

You will be amazed at the thought, care & workmanship that has gone into the design and production of these truly stunning and unique Camo-Knit sweaters.

These are machine washable on a woollens cycle, but please don’t tumble dry.

SIZING: Please measure your hound from A, base of neck to beginning of tail and B,girth around deepest part of chest.

***It is really important not to add length to your measurement A to base of the tail because we allow extra length in our sizing to ensure good hind coverage. We love to cover the hips and bottom with our designs so please don’t over measure! ***

You are welcome to contact me for sizing advice if needed, if you hound’s chest girth is larger than the length measurement in the below sizing then please order the next size up.

XL Greyhound = Length 32-34”, Chest Girth 32-34”
L Greyhound = Length 30-32”, Chest Girth 30-32”
M Greyhound = Length 28-30”, Chest Girth 28-30”
S Greyhound = Length 26-28”, Chest Girth 26-28”
XS Greyhound = Length 25-27”, Chest Girth 25-27’

L Whippet = Length 23-24”, Chest Girth 23-24”
M Whippet = Length 21-22”, Chest Girth 21-22”
S Whippet = Length 19-20”, Chest Girth 19-20”
XS Whippet = Length 17-18”, Chest Girth 17-18”

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Fantastic coat my Whippet/Greyhound cross loves it. Very good quality and value. Speedy dispatch from pleasant and helpful seller. Thank you.

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